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文章导读:下面为大家整理一篇优秀的 report代写 范文- Music memory,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了音乐记忆力。音乐记忆,指的是人的大脑对学习过、演唱过或欣赏过的音乐的反映和印象。而音乐记忆力,则是将听觉所感知到的对音乐信息及其结构形式的完整映象和总体感觉长时间地保留、贮存在意识中,并反映、再现的一种能力。音乐记忆力是音乐情感体验、创作和演示必不可少的条...

  下面为大家整理一篇优秀的report代写范文- Music memory,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了音乐记忆力。音乐记忆,指的是人的大脑对学习过、演唱过或欣赏过的音乐的反映和印象。而音乐记忆力,则是将听觉所感知到的对音乐信息及其结构形式的完整映象和总体感觉长时间地保留、贮存在意识中,并反映、再现的一种能力。音乐记忆力是音乐情感体验、创作和演示必不可少的条件。



  Memory, in general, refers to people's perception of, experienced things reflected in the brain. So what is music memory? This is people's memory of music. In other words, it refers to the brain's reaction and impression of music, which is learned, sung and appreciated.


  Music memory training and improvement methods, it must be with people's general memory capacity inseparable. Memory is the brain's reflection of past experiences. The basic process of memory is to recognize, maintain, recognize and reproduce. From the perspective of information theory, it is the acceptance, storage, coding and extraction of information. Memory is a very important psychological activity, which is indispensable for people to live, work, study and even music activities. Memory is of great importance in human life, and it is a necessary condition for people to accumulate knowledge and experience to carry out advanced cognitive activities and develop psychological characteristics of personality. Without memory, all intelligent activities of man are unimaginable. Memory is the brain's ability to store and value past experience and knowledge. Generally said, people can remember some knowledge about learning and life experience, but good memory but quickly and correctly remember the necessary materials, and can timely and correctly recall, especially good at combine material knowledge experience combined with the past, into the existing knowledge system, become their spiritual wealth, so that in case of need, retrieved from the memory of the warehouse. It is an important psychological quality that is indispensable to study and work. So what is music memory? Music memory is gained by the auditory perception to the music acoustics, music image information and the structure form of the full image and overall feeling keep over a long period of time, storage in consciousness, and reflect a kind of ability, reproduce. Music memory is an essential condition for music emotional experience, imagination, creation and presentation.


  Music memory is produced by the process of transmitting music sound from the air to the human auditory organ, the ear. Then through the auditory nerve to the brain, to the auditory center, the production of hearing; The brain then gives commands to the speech center to pay attention to and summarize the music heard to get the impression. This is a complex psychological process. It includes such basic links as people's memory of music, retention and memory of music. Take singing a song, for instance, the students' memorization generally shown as two forms: one is students in listening to the teacher sing, explain and teach, or to grasp in their learning and memorization, this preliminary memorization; The other is to repeat and consolidate the song many times until it is completely memorized. This is called memorization. Memorization is the process of identifying songs and acquiring feelings and impressions. Memorization, students will be through the brain songs carry on the processing of memorization, systematic, and leave a mark, to establish an impression that the perception of material reserves, preserved as a result, the thinking that is maintained. The quality of students' knowledge and retention of songs is mainly tested by memory or cognition. When students were asked to sing the song again, they were able to recognize the name or tone of the song, and that was cognition.


  So what should be included in cultivating students' music memory? I think the content of memory is extremely rich, but it should mainly include music language and music performance. Of course, this is not the whole content of memory. It should also include the thoughts and feelings expressed by music and so on.

  Memorizing music language is the core content of cultivating students' music memory. It includes memorizing the melody and rhythm of music, which are two inseparable aspects. It is necessary to remember musical phrases, music segments and music, especially to emphasize the memory of the music theme of the work. Numerous facts have proved that to understand music, we need to have a certain level of appreciation, to show and create music, and to accumulate a large number of music languages, is an essential condition. It is the same as literature, the longer the experience, the richer the language of literature, the higher the appreciation and expression, and even the creativity. Both the accumulation of literary language and music language are completed by memory.

  Any music work is not a list of sounds and a stack of texture. It besides involves the melody and rhythm, often through a certain form, fitting, mode, speed, strength, color and style to express a certain life content and ideological content express inner feelings. Therefore, these are also important contents for cultivating students' music memory.

  The method of cultivating students' music memory must be adopted according to the characteristics and basic rules of each link in the memory process. At the same time, we must pay attention to its relativity and flexibility. We must not adopt dogma and discard it, but determine its method from the teaching content and the reality of children.

  As for the training methods, there are many methods, such as: to give full play to the advantages of the mechanical memory of children and teenagers, the method of rote memorization is adopted for some problems in music that cannot be clearly spoken. Reciting the songs in the textbook, some famous Chinese and foreign songs, excellent folk songs, etc. Central coordination "combat", mobilize various language analysis using various organs collaborative activities, lets the student with eye depending on the spectrum, listening with ears, brains and correction, to sing with my mouth, and struck with the hand, with the hand a notation, etc., conduct joint method of memory; A comparative method is adopted for the length, duration, chord, tonality, speed, strength and timbre of a sound. In order to strengthen the retention of traces, to prevent students from forgetting to have studied the work often review the consolidation of repetition and so on. In addition, imaginative method, clue method and emotional memory method can be adopted.

  The method of imagination is to imagine and associate certain music works. Because the image depicted by music is the image of things in the brain when objective things do not directly affect the senses. It to pass the memories and associations, the recovery of perceived image processing related to memory, reconstruction and recombination, and rely on the teacher's narrative and describes, in the minds of the students to create new image, and develop their imagination and creative ability to imagine again, to show the features of music image. Such as singing "winter snow like a Wolf howl, mother was dressed in rags single garment", let the students to imagine "the wind", "snow", "howl," imagine "mother - single clothes" to help the student to deep understanding of the works and infectious music performance.

  The clue method refers to the memory of independent, dispersed music materials. We should grasp certain clues to carry on, let the students according to the rule to remember. For example, after the length of all kinds of notes is finished, you can make a list of simple notes, notes with dots, and stop signs, and find out the internal relations and memory rules of each other. It's easy to remember a cue if you capture it -- the ratio of the time values of each note.

  Emotional memory is to understand, appreciate, represent and create music works by recalling and combining people's emotional states of things they have experienced. Of course, the so-called "experienced" can be either direct experience or indirect experience. Such as children watching movies, television, books, newspapers and magazines, and listening to teachers and parents, etc.

  In a word, there are many training methods, which can be used only or comprehensively. Generally speaking, through the occurrence of aesthetic, emotional, contact, their most interested, often ruminant, the deepest impression, the longest memory.

  Cultivate the students' music memory, should cause our enough attention, on the one hand to make the music teaching scientization, on the other hand, to cultivate the wise, promote quality education of other subjects, has a great effect.


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