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文章导读:下面为大家整理一篇优秀的 Report代写 范文- Brand extension,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了品牌延伸。品牌延伸,指的是企业利用其成功品牌的声誉来推出改良产品或新产品。品牌延伸策略是企业加速发展的有效战略,它有利于降低新产品引入市场的成本、充分利用品牌资产的价值、为品牌注入新鲜感、为消费者提供更多的选择同时扩大企业规模。但品牌延伸策略也存在潜在风...

  下面为大家整理一篇优秀的Report代写范文- Brand extension,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了品牌延伸。品牌延伸,指的是企业利用其成功品牌的声誉来推出改良产品或新产品。品牌延伸策略是企业加速发展的有效战略,它有利于降低新产品引入市场的成本、充分利用品牌资产的价值、为品牌注入新鲜感、为消费者提供更多的选择同时扩大企业规模。但品牌延伸策略也存在潜在风险,会给企业的经营带来不利影响。



  Brand extension strategy is an effective strategy for the accelerated development of enterprises. It is conducive to reduce the cost of introducing new products into the market, make full use of the value of brand assets, inject freshness into the brand, provide more choices for consumers and expand the scale of enterprises. However, the brand extension strategy is a "double-edged sword", and its application also has potential risks, which bring adverse effects to the operation of enterprises.


  Brand extension refers to a company using the reputation of its successful brand to launch improved products or new products. Brand extension is not simply borrowing the brand name that already exists on the surface, but strategic use of the whole brand asset. With the help of brand extension, the influence of existing brands can be Shared, and the value added in brand utilization can be fully realized, so that the marketing of new products can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Since the 1980s, brand extension has been particularly favored by western companies as an effective marketing tool. According to statistics, over the past decade, two-thirds of America's newly established brands have succeeded by brand extension. In recent years, domestic market competition has become increasingly fierce, and many enterprises have carried out brand extension in order to obtain greater market share and improve profits. However, due to the lack of long-term planning in some enterprises, weak financial resources and insufficient brand management experience, not only failed to obtain expected profits, but also greatly hurt brand value. Thus it can be seen that the brand extension strategy can be a profitable good to make the enterprise to brilliant, but also may be the abyss of doom to make the enterprise to perish.


  New brand development is a complex creation process, which not only requires a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources to develop and develop, but also needs to expand the market well, carry out continuous advertising and a series of marketing activities. According to the survey, it takes between $30 million and $50 million to develop a new brand in the United States, and the failure rate of the new brand is as high as 80%. Enterprise through the development of brand extension can be removed from the brand and trademark registration fee, at the same time with the high reputation of the original brand market reputation and products, make consumers to eliminate rejection of the new products, rusty, and concerns the psychological, to accept the new product in a relatively short time, saves the necessary publicity, promotion of new products into the market, such as marketing expenses, and can quickly occupy the market.


  Expand the scale of the enterprise through the brand extension strategy, and improve the market share of brand products. Even if the market situation of one or two varieties under the brand extension is not good, other varieties can be made up, so that the enterprise can diversify production, mitigate the impact of market risks, and maintain the vigorous vitality of the famous brand. At the same time, the reorganization, adjustment and strategic transfer of enterprise business can be realized.


  A few enterprises extend the high grade product in consumer's mind to low grade product. In recent years, maotai liquor has been disorganized in the face of the offensive of wuliangye, with the banner of popularization, which has brought the brand from the high-end market of "national wine" to the middle and low market, diluted the connotation of "noble" of the brand, and damaged the loyalty of the original consumer group of maotai liquor, so the sales situation is not good. The result of unlimited downward extension is predatory exploitation of brand value, which will eventually reduce sales and market share and damage corporate image.


  A brand's distinctive and unique personality is the foundation and basis for building a strong brand. When a brand's unique personality is gradually accepted by consumers and formed brand loyalty, it is not easy to change. The higher the consumers' preference and loyalty to the brand, the more likely the brand extension products will be recognized and accepted by the target consumers. But improper extension often dilutes the brand personality and quickly disintegrates the target consumer group's preference and loyalty to the brand. The slogan "goldlion, man's world" reveals the core proposition and brand positioning of the product. When the exquisite "golden lilies" women's leather bags come on the market, they dilute the characteristics of the brand. It undermines the brand's macho masculinity and doesn't win over women.

  The number of products of a brand has increased from a few to dozens. With the increase of such quantity, the number of inventory varieties of packaged consumer goods increases day by day. However, retailers cannot provide more shelf space for a single category just because it has more products. As manufacturers' reputations decline, retailers are allocating more and more shelf space to their own-brand products. Competition among manufacturers for the remaining limited resettlement space has increased total promotional expenses and shifted profits to increasingly powerful retailers.

  Blind and excessive brand extension will cause heavy burden to enterprises and psychological conflict to consumers. From the perspective of the enterprise itself, excessive product extension means that the enterprise enters into new areas or launches new products in a short time, which has high requirements on the human, material and financial resources of the enterprise. Especially in the field of high-tech product production, it is a complex and difficult problem to solve for the enterprise how to gather high-tech talents in a short time, how to get financing quickly, and whether to occupy the technological commanding heights of the industry quickly. Once the brand extension strategy is not properly applied, not only the brand advantage is difficult to display, but also the enterprise scale can be blindly expanded, falling into the management deadlock of "dinosaur disease". For consumers, if the brand extension width is too large, consumers will have psychological conflicts. Consumers can only buy one or neither, which damages the overall brand image.

  As companies roll out new extensions, managers should strengthen research into consumer behavior to ensure that new products build and strengthen consumer loyalty rather than undermine it. By carefully analyzing the retail data, the manager can identify which inventory brands in the product line are the core product replacement or replenishment and how the demand for a certain inventory variety decreases.

  From the beginning to the end of the value chain, the absolute and incremental costs involved in the production and sale of each inventory variety are studied in detail, and the sales and cost increase brought about by the addition of a new inventory variety is compared with the loss and cost savings of sales that do not do so.

  The premise of brand extension is to correctly evaluate the visibility, reputation and market share of existing brands. If the parent brand does not have brand advantages, does not have a certain market share, and does not have high popularity and reputation, there is no brand extension qualification and possibility. Because the original brand is not strong enough to impress consumers, and it is impossible to use new products to enter the market. In the case that the computer industry initially operated by giant group did not obtain absolute advantages, it rushed to enter into the biological health products and real estate market, resulting in excessive decentralization of resources such as enterprise, people, wealth and materials, as well as management chaos and "blossom without result", which plunged the promising enterprise into many crises.

  The core value of a brand refers to the eternal nature, essence and soul of a brand. It is the deepest content in the brand connotation, which is formed in the long term and will not be changed due to the extension of the brand to other product fields. Brand extension, whether in the same industry field or in different industry fields, whether upward, downward or two-way extension. As long as a new product is added to a brand name, it must conform to or strengthen its brand connotation and adapt to the core value of the brand.

  Enterprises operating two or more competing brands are positioned in different market segments, which can fully adapt to the differentiation of the market and meet the diversified demands of consumers. Multi-brand strategy can effectively overcome the problems of brand extension strategy, such as reducing brand image and disturbing brand positioning. For example, various brands of procter & gamble have different brand cores and target customers. The core value of rejoice is "submissiveness", "dandruff removal" and "sterilization".

  Brand extension enters into a new product field. If the whole industry of new products has a strong big brand, it will be difficult to extend success only by the popularity, prestige and core value of the brand. Adopt differentiation strategy to innovate products and concepts. Without direct conflict with rivals, brand extension is easy to succeed.


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