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文章导读:下面为大家整理一篇优秀的Report代写范文- The construction of accessible channels for the disabled,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了残疾人无障碍通道建设。残疾人一直是社会的弱势群体。如今,很多建筑只注重外观设计,而忽视了区域的流通,尤其是在无障碍通道。无障碍通行是为残疾人、老年人、受伤者、儿童等社会成员提供的一种保障交通安全、便利的服务设施。它也是道路、公共...

  下面为大家整理一篇优秀的Report代写范文- The construction of accessible channels for the disabled,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了残疾人“无障碍”通道建设。残疾人一直是社会的弱势群体。如今,很多建筑只注重外观设计,而忽视了区域的流通,尤其是在“无障碍”通道。无障碍通行是为残疾人、老年人、受伤者、儿童等社会成员提供的一种保障交通安全、便利的服务设施。它也是道路、公共建筑、住宅建筑和居住区建设项目中必不可少的服务设施。“无障碍”通道建设所体现的是以人为本的现代文明理念,是物质文明和精神文明的集中体现,是社会进步、人民素质提高和全民公共道德意识培养的重要标志。



  Disabled persons have always been a vulnerable group in society. On the basis of guaranteeing the basic material needs of the disabled, the state and society should also provide facilities, conditions and services for the disabled in life, work, education, medical treatment and rehabilitation. It includes providing convenience for people with disabilities as far as possible in every field of social. In order to make it more convenient for the disabled to travel, especially in public places, a "barrier-free" access, like ramps, means to facilitate the lives of all people(Hamraie 97). The construction of "accessibility" is the prerequisite for the disabled and other vulnerable people to participate fully in social life, and is an important condition to facilitate their daily life(williamson 14-15), at the same time, the renovation of the "barrier-free" access is also an advance in the civil rights movement for the disabled. It also reflects the level of civilization and progress of a society from one side(williamson 15-16). It is a concentrated embodiment of material civilization and spiritual civilization, which can improve the quality of people and cultivate the public moral consciousness. The ultimate goal of architectural design is to provide a safe, applicable and convenient living space environment for people with the aim of "humanism". It is not only convenient for the disabled, but also a respect for all members of society and care for the whole life of people. Especially for public buildings, as an indispensable place for people's daily life and social activities, the accessibility requirements of disabled groups should be fully considered in public and architectural design, not only in the physical design of the building, but also in the needs of the disabled(Price 166-167). because this is not only the embodiment of the humanitarian spirit, but also the symbol of social civilization and progress and the guarantee of social harmony and development, after all, disability should not be treated as a personal tragedy(Price 164).however, many buildings only pay more attention to the appearance design, but ignore the circulation of the area , especially in the "barrier-free" access. This essay analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the construction of accessible channels for the disabled of two new and old buildings in Carrefour supermarket and Joindoor hypermarket, then appeals to all sectors of society to pay attention to the life of the disabled, so as to speed up the construction of barrier-free access for the disabled.

  残疾人一直是社会的弱势群体。国家和社会在保障残疾人基本生活物质需要的基础上,为残疾人提供生活、工作、教育、医疗、康复等方面的设施、条件和服务。它包括在社会的各个领域尽可能为残疾人提供便利。为了使残疾人更方便出行,特别是在公共场所,“无障碍”通道,如坡道,意味着方便所有人的生活(Hamraie 97)。“无障碍”建设是残疾人和其他弱势群体充分参与社会生活的先决条件,是促进他们日常生活的重要条件(威廉姆森14-15),同时,“无障碍”道路的改造也是一个进步。在残疾人民权运动中。它还从一个侧面反映了一个社会的文明水平和进步(威廉姆森15-16)。它是物质文明和精神文明的集中体现,可以提高人的素质,培养公众的道德意识。建筑设计的最终目标是为人们提供一个安全、适用、方便的居住空间环境,以“人文主义”为目标。它不仅方便残疾人,而且尊重社会全体成员,关心人民的一生。特别是公共建筑,作为人们日常生活和社会活动不可缺少的场所,在公共和建筑设计中,不仅要考虑到建筑的物理设计,而且要考虑到设计对残疾人的可达性要求。Sabled(价格166-167)。因为这不仅是人道主义精神的体现,更是社会文明进步的象征,是社会和谐发展的保障,毕竟残疾不应被视为一种个人悲剧(价格164),但许多建筑只会更加注重在外观设计上,却忽略了流通区域,特别是在“无障碍”通道。本文分析了家乐福超市和联合门超市两栋新旧建筑残疾人通道建设的利弊,呼吁社会各界关注残疾人生活,加快残疾人通道的建设。为残疾人建造无障碍通道。

  In order to ensure the evacuation requirements of disabled people in the event of disasters, Carrefour supermarket takes into account the width of two-way passageways wherever it is in the building; In the design of automatic closing devices for fire-proof doors, it also considered the safety requirements of wheelchair passing, at the same time, the threshold is not too high, so that the upper limb disabled can simply open the fire door. In addition, the outdoor leisure space has convenient transportation and appropriate facilities to ensure the convenient and safe use of disabled people. The outdoor recreational space avoids convex and concave floors, the pavement is made of anti-skid materials. Meanwhile, the necessary car blocks are set to avoid the interference of motor vehicles on the movement of the disabled. Therefore, pedestrians should be allowed some space to walk out and stay, and the vehicular access should be separated from the pedestrian access. Recreational facilities, seats, tables, drinking places, garbage bins and other settings are also convenient for wheelchair users to access and use. After all, a good reception and waiting areas can increase consumers' desire to enter the hall ( Foirfeachta 19-20).There is enough wheelchair gyration space next to the rest seats. Besides, the water side of the pavements use hard pavements, and the supermarket sets up armrests and other safety measures. In addition, the aisle design of Carrefour supermarket also reserved a parking space for the disabled, and it uses the 50mm high blue background to mark the disabled reserved parking space logo. At the same time, in the design of entrances and exits, barrier-free access, elevators, escalators and main steps are all more easily accessible to persons with disabilities, the mall has set up a special ramp for the disabled, which is convenient for wheelchairs to lift up. Signs, and guide cards are also used. Finally, the passageway between the shelves in shopping malls is not less than 1.5 meters, which is convenient for wheelchairs. Moreover, there are disabled toilets and other facilities. Yet, in the design of infrastructure for the disabled, it is not only the construction of barrier-free access, but also reflects the social respect for people with disabilities((Hamraie 99-100) , so that they can go anywhere. At the same time, disability is not a personal problem, it is a social problem, it needs everyone's efforts to make everyone's life better.

  家乐福超市在设计防火门自动关闭装置时,考虑了建筑内双向通道的宽度,以确保发生灾害时残疾人的疏散需求,同时也考虑了安全要求。记得轮椅经过,同时门槛也不太高,这样上肢残疾人就可以简单地打开防火门了。此外,室外休闲空间交通便利,设施适宜,确保残疾人使用方便、安全。室外游憩空间避免地面凹凸,路面采用防滑材料。同时设置必要的挡车块,避免机动车对残疾人运动的干扰。因此,行人应留出一定的步行和停留空间,车辆通道应与行人通道分开。娱乐设施、座椅、桌子、饮水处、垃圾桶等设置也方便轮椅使用者进出和使用。毕竟,一个好的接待和等候区可以增加消费者进入大厅的欲望(Foirfeachta 19-20),在其他座位旁边有足够的轮椅旋转空间。另外,人行道的水侧采用硬人行道,超市设置扶手等安全措施。此外,家乐福超市的过道设计还为残疾人预留了一个停车位,并用50毫米高的蓝色背景标记残疾人预留停车位标志。同时,在出入口、无障碍通道、电梯、自动扶梯和主要台阶的设计上,残疾人更容易进入,商场为残疾人设置了专用坡道,方便轮椅升降。也使用标志和引导卡。最后,商场货架之间的通道不小于1.5米,方便轮椅使用。此外,还有残疾人厕所和其他设施。然而,在残疾人基础设施的设计中,它不仅是无障碍通道的建设,而且反映了社会对残疾人的尊重(Hamraie 99-100),使他们可以去任何地方。同时,残疾不是一个个人问题,而是一个社会问题,它需要每个人的努力,使每个人的生活更好。

  Joindoor supermarket access design is a relatively failed example. It belongs to the older buildings. It has a large front square, but it is not well organized and utilized, all kinds of service facilities are scarce. It is generally known that the supermarkets are the most common places for people with disabilities, the convenience of the access determines people's actions(Brilmyer 6).However, the reality is that people with disabilities may always encounter some unexpected troubles when they go shopping in Joindoor supermarket. There is no wheelchair ramp at the entrance of Joindoor supermarket. Every time the disabled person enters the supermarket, they need to ask the pedestrians to help them lift up the steps. Furthermore,Joindoor supermarket occupies two floors, but only fire stairs and walking escalators, there is no straight stairs, the disabled cannot go directly to the second floor shopping by the wheelchair, if relies on the pedestrian to lift, the staircase is too high too steep, very unsafe. Besides, the checkout passageway of Joindoor supermarket is too narrow, and the standard wheelchair can not get through. Every time a disabled person goes shopping, the person has to check out at the side of the aisle, hand over the items to the cashier, and then turn around a long way from the shopping corridor to the cashier for the items. In addition, the construction of Joindoor supermarket's toilet for the disabled is unreasonable. According to the requirements, a large public place should build a special toilet for the disabled, and there is a sign in the door of the toilet for the disabled, which is not squatting but toilet, with stainless steel railings on both sides of the toilet. However, although the Joindoor supermarket’s toilet is very beautiful, but under the toilet, it builds a step, because of this step, the wheelchair can not lift up, then the special toilet has become a furnishing. In addition, the outer space of the building lacks visual features, the space is filled with various noises and the environment is bad.

  Through the comparison of the two supermarket access designs, it can be seen that although the social attention to the disabled is progressing, however, it is far from enough. Barrier-free access is a kind of service facility for the disabled, the elderly, the injured, the children and other members of the society to ensure the safety and convenience of transportation. It is also a necessary service facility in the construction projects of roads, public buildings, residential buildings and residential areas. Barrier-free facilities include the physical environment, information and communication barrier-free. Barrier-free physical environment mainly requires the planning, design and construction of urban roads, public buildings and residential areas should be convenient for the disabled to use and pass. Barrier-free information and communication mainly requires the public communication media should enable the people with hearing, language and visual impairment to obtain information. It is necessary to improve the function of modern cities and is an important symbol of the progress of social civilization. What the barrier-free construction embodies is the modern civilization idea of people-oriented, and is the concentrated embodiment of material civilization and spiritual civilization, the important symbol of social progress, the improvement of people's quality and the cultivation of the public moral consciousness of the whole people. After all, the disabled also need equal rights(White 114-115).


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