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来源:网络整理 发布日期:2019-08-02 10:14 阅读: 作者:HotEssay 字数:6739字
文章导读:下面为大家整理一篇优秀的 Paper代写 范文- West development in American,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了美国的西部开发。19世纪,美国为了鼓励更多的人向西部迁移,陆续出台了很多规定,人们只要在西部地区种草植树或修筑灌溉沟渠达到一定面积和一定时间,就可低价或免费获得一定面积的土地。在美国开发西部过程中,除了联邦政府采取了大规模的财政补贴和转移支付政策外,...

  下面为大家整理一篇优秀的Paper代写范文- West development in American,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了美国的西部开发。19世纪,美国为了鼓励更多的人向西部迁移,陆续出台了很多规定,人们只要在西部地区种草植树或修筑灌溉沟渠达到一定面积和一定时间,就可低价或免费获得一定面积的土地。在美国开发西部过程中,除了联邦政府采取了大规模的财政补贴和转移支付政策外,州、地方政府具有相当大和灵活的自主权,很大程度上吸引了企业的进入,巩固了美国西部开发的基础。



  The imbalance of economic development between the central and western regions and the east has affected the coordinated development of the national regional economy and the growth of the overall economic strength of the country. Therefore, accelerating the development and construction of the central and western regions and narrowing the regional gap has become an important task for China's reform and development. The development of western China in the history of the United States has the following implications:


  In the 19th century the United States in order to encourage more people to the west migration, developed the "encourage the western method of planting", "desert land law" regulation, such as just a grass planting trees or construction of irrigation ditches in the western region reaches a certain size and a certain time, can be cheap or free access to a certain area of land.


  Can consider a certain area of land for development governance in our country, free of charge or at a low price with the first way of funding support, contracting, points to a unit or individual, in the governance development loans and subsidies for the prophase, discount and hire workers, such as salary, medical security provisions for decades unchanged, contracting or tenant has full transfer of land use, and management control. Through various means, the government encourages the tenants to use the profits to be used for more extensive governance and development, and not to collect profits until the virtuous circle of land development is formed.


  In the process of developing the west, in the United States, in addition to the federal government has taken a massive fiscal subsidies and transfer payment policy, state and local governments have a fairly large and flexible autonomy, largely attracted into the enterprise, to consolidate the foundation of the development in the western United States.


  Western China in fiscal revenue and gross domestic product (GDP), import and export of the country's proportion is low, can't count on west make much contribution to the nation, so be in insisting on the principle of the socialist market economy and law-abiding, to dare to rush to dare to try, want to do more. For example, it is possible to consider some areas in the west that have greater autonomy in project approval, import and export enterprise registration, enterprise listing, development zone establishment, etc. It could also consider giving western provinces more power to open up, establish border free trade zones and introduce foreign capital. In addition, in the issuance of local government bonds, the establishment of local Banks and the establishment of otc trading centres for local securities, it is possible to consider giving more preferential treatment to the western provinces.

  Most American military enterprises are located in the western part of the United States. Into a large number of military industrial enterprises after the cold war, the United States to civilian use, use the original military high-tech base, coupled with the western region of rich resources and cheap land and Labour, greatly promoted the pace of industrial upgrading in the western United States. Western region in China because there is no use conversion timing, vigorously improve the grade, the positive development of high-tech industry, so the whole industrial structure adjustment in the west of the slow progress, industrial benefit is not ideal, the western region should take advantage of the original strong technical force and industrial base, in individual regions, individual industries focus on developing high-tech industries, and make it become the leader of lead in the western region the industrial structure upgrading."

  For example, xi 'an aircraft manufacturing base, chongqing steel and automobile production base, lanzhou petrochemical base, etc., can provide technology and talents for the development of high-tech industries.

  To make successful western development, we must through the government's leading role, increase personnel and information exchange, lifting restrictions on economy, especially to the main body of resources allocation from government to market, encourage everyone to put eyes on the market, use these methods to cultivate the investment environment, attract private capital into the west, the west can took to the track of sustainable development of economy. Implementing the western development, the third strategic goal is to realize modernization of objective need, is also integrated into the tide of economic globalization, adapt to the world economic structure adjustment, improve the international competitiveness of China demands. Practice has proved, opening wider to the outside is a region the strong driving force of economic development, therefore, the development of the western development can not continue to use the traditional pattern, and should be studied under the new situation, new ideas, new methods, new mechanism, in particular to take some big open policies and measures, and thus a broader scope, deeper level to promote the development of the western region.

  At present, the country is and will take a series of preferential policies to promote the western region open still wider to the outside world, including in the west of the country encouraged foreign invested enterprises tax incentives, allowed in open areas of the eastern region of pilot and the pilot project in the west at the same time, encourage coastal enterprises with foreign investment to the western management related enterprises, in the western provincial capital or capital, economic and technological development zone will be further policy support. Countries will also according to the development of the situation, some developed western open policies and measures to make open still wider to the outside world really become the development of the western region, add vitality to the development of the western region.


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