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文章导读:本文是一篇Ppaper代写范文,题目为:Cultural characteristics of product packaging design。本文主要讨论了产品包装设计的文化特点。产品包装设计作为企业产品生产的一个重要环节,在提升企业形...
  本文是一篇Ppaper代写范文,题目为:Cultural characteristics of product packaging design。本文主要讨论了产品包装设计的文化特点。产品包装设计作为企业产品生产的一个重要环节,在提升企业形象、增加企业经济效益等方面具有重要意义。在现代大众生活水平日益提升的今天,产品包装设计更加需要考慮消费者的需求,增强其文化特点,同时要灵活引进和应用各种类型的文化艺术产品来增加产品包装设计的附加值价值,不断提升其设计质量。

  In the process of social development,all kinds of human needs can be finally reduced and transformed into cultural needs,which indicates that there is a close relationship between design and culture.Packaging design plays an important role in conveying cultural information and highlighting the psychological meaning of specific images.Especially in the current modern packaging design,in order to better meet the needs of consumers'cultural identity and aesthetic appeal,it is necessary to enhance the promotion and application of culture in product packaging design.
  The value of The Times is a basic characteristic of culture in product packaging design.In the process of designing any kind of product packaging,it is necessary to consider the humanistic flavor and historical color contained in it,which determines that it has strong characteristics of The Times.As the main body of product packaging design is human,so the main body of design in the design process will subtly consider the time's unique cultural atmosphere and popular culture trend.From this point of view,the culture contained in product packaging design itself is specific and can map the characteristics of the product era,which has important guiding value for us to study product packaging design and formulate development strategies.In view of this situation,we can consider the product packaging from multiple perspectives,from which we can dig out the art,science and technology politics,social and economic forms and development conditions such as ideas under the background of product creation times.On the whole,the culture of product packaging design has its own characteristics,which influences and changes the social public's cognition,concept and value orientation subtly,which is the concrete embodiment of the cultural value of The Times in product packaging design.
  In product packaging design,another embodiment of cultural characteristics is the diversity of cultural forms,which is embodied in the following aspects.
  As for the form of utensils,its concrete embodiment in product packaging design refers to the form of physical products that can be grasped and perceived,which is an important basis for product packaging culture,mainly based on marketing as the fundamental development goal.Product packaging design is essentially a creative activity that integrates elements of art,economy and society,which can reflect the development level of social productivity in a specific era,and can also analyze the unified cognition and creation of aesthetics and creation in packaging design by the public.
  As a socialized activity,product packaging design also needs to rely on standards,regulations,policies and procedures in the production process.Although these systems are not linked to cultural resources,their development level and nature are ultimately determined by the energy conversion between designers and cultural resources.
  In packaging culture design,the designer needs to comprehensively consider the emotions,wishes and requirements presented by the public in purchasing and using commodities,which is the concrete embodiment of spiritual culture.
  The zodiac culture has special significance for Chinese people,and is a popular folk culture.With the development of product packaging design,the static graphic design mode presented by zodiac pictures can no longer meet the needs of consumers in the new era.Therefore,attention should be paid to the reform and innovation of zodiac culture in the application of packaging design.On the one hand,attention should be paid to broaden the mind and increase the experience effect of products and the sense of visual conflict.For example,when designing the pastry packaging box,it can be presented with three-dimensional zodiac patterns and creatively designed with some allages and idioms.In this way,when opening the product packaging box,you will see more vivid products,which will make people happy and enhance their interest at the same time.On the other hand,attention should be paid to the combination of regional characteristics to enhance the guarantee of product culture correspondence.For example,the packaging design for products of uygur and hui ethnic groups should focus on the ox and sheep,so as to better meet their psychological needs.
  Text is the most common and important part of product packaging design,which is the simplest and most efficient way to convey product information.At the same time,the text itself is also a product packing the design elements of the picture,can also to convey feelings,enhance the aesthetic feeling on the vision,so in product packaging design through the introduction and application of Chinese calligraphy culture reasonably,through reasonable collocation of different font and font text to enhance product packaging pictures integral aesthetic feeling,help to enhance the artistic quality of product packaging and cultural features,so the culture of calligraphy in modern product packaging design has extensive application space,can enhance the overall effect of product packaging design.
  There are many outstanding folk cultures in China,including paper-cut,shadow puppets,illustration and social drama,which have strong artistic charm and humanistic value.Therefore,in the process of product packaging design,can be fully applied paper-cut folk culture,such as through local materials or make by hand to further enhance the application of traditional folk culture in product packaging design value,so you can ensure that the product packaging design with a unique national style and strong local characteristics.
  In a word,product packaging design,as an important link of product production,is of great significance in improving corporate image and increasing economic benefits.With the increasing living standards of the modern public,product packaging design needs to consider the needs of consumers and enhance its cultural characteristics.At the same time,it needs to flexibly introduce and apply various types of cultural and artistic products to increase the added value of product packaging design,so as to ensure the continuous improvement of its design quality.


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