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文章导读:下面为大家整理一篇优秀的Paper代写范文- Prepositional Phrase as a Syntactic Constituent,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了介词短语作为句法成分。介词短语在语言学中很常见,它有不同的用途。事实上,介词后面跟着一个名词短语。介词短语是一个句法成分,因为它决定了问题提出和回答的方式。基于此,不难发现介词短语在提问题和回答问题上肯定能起到一定的作用。另外,介词短语...

  下面为大家整理一篇优秀的Paper代写范文- Prepositional Phrase as a Syntactic Constituent,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了介词短语作为句法成分。介词短语在语言学中很常见,它有不同的用途。事实上,介词后面跟着一个名词短语。介词短语是一个句法成分,因为它决定了问题提出和回答的方式。基于此,不难发现介词短语在提问题和回答问题上肯定能起到一定的作用。另外,介词短语可以作为句子的一部分,如主语、状语、谓语、补语、定语等。其实,介词短语是句法成分的根本原因在于它不能被某些副词分开。



  It is known to us that the prepositional phrase is used quite common in linguistics and it is used for different purposes. As a matter of fact, a preposition followed by a noun phrase, such as on the hill, is a syntactic constituent, a prepositional phrase (PP), like NPs and VPs, which will be justified by four constituency tests: question/answer, structural variants of a basic sentence, reference from another word/expression, and inability to be divided by certain adverbs.

  我们知道,介词短语在语言学中很常见,而且用途不同。事实上,介词后接名词短语,如on the hill,是一种句法成分,介词短语(pp)如nps和vps,将通过四个选区的测试来证明:问答、基本句的结构变体、另一个词/exp的引用。表达,不能被某些副词分开。

  Firstly, PP is a syntactic constituent because it shapes the way a question is posed and answered. For example, the sentence that “How is Cheok getting to the airport? She’s driving by car.” can well indicate that PP shapes the way a question is posed and answered. It can be understood in this way that “to the airport” in the example is right the use of PP and this prepositional phrase has composed of the main part of the question. At the same time, the response that “by car” is another use of PP and this response perfectly answer the proposed question. Based on this, it is not hard to find that PP can definitely play a role in proposing and answering a question.


  Secondly, PP can be regarded as a syntactic constituent in that it can act as a part in the sentence, like the subject, the adverbial, predictive, complement, attributive, etc. For instance, the sentence that “Gui-Fan wandered aimlessly across the unforgiving dessert” can powerfully suggest that the use of PP can serve as the adverb. Detailed speaking, “across the unforgiving dessert” is right the PP in the sentence and this phrase serves as the adverbial of place in that sentence.

  第二,pp可以被看作是句子的一个组成部分,它可以作为句子的一部分,如主语、副词、预测语、补语、定语等。例如,“gui fan漫无目的地在不可饶恕的甜点上游荡”的句子就可以有力地暗示tha。使用pp可以作为副词。详细地说,“穿越不可原谅的甜点”是对的,这句话中的pp和这句话的位置副词。

  Thirdly, PP is a syntactic constituent because it refers from another word or expression. It can be understood in this way that replacing the referring expression with the PP preserves the meaning of the original example. In order for better illustration, the sentence that “Ilse often calls her mother in the evenings” can be used as an example for further explanation. The more concrete condition is that “in the evenings” is the use of PP in this sentence and it can be replaced by “at nights” without changing the meaning of the whole sentence. Therefore it can effectively propose that PP is just a constituent in a sentence and it can be replaced by other phrases without making any influence to the meaning of the whole sentence.

  Fourthly, the rationale why PP is a syntactic constituent lies in that it can’t be broken apart by certain adverbs. Just take the sentence “Jae put his presents on the table, but Dhiraj did not put his there” as an example. In this sentence, “on the table” is the use of PP and it will be ungrammatical when it is broken apart by the adverb. It can be understood in this way that the phrase “on there” is ungrammatical so that it should not be used in the reality.


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