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文章导读:下面HotEssay小编为大家整理一篇留学paper代写范文-Fuzzy language in international business communication,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了国际商务交际中的模糊语言。模糊语言是语言本身具有的特点之一,并广泛应用于人们的言语交际中。国际商务交际是一种特殊的言语交际,模糊语言也大量存在于其中,并且模糊语言在此具有独特的语用功能。 以下为 Paper代写 范文全文,由HotEssay浩天论...
  下面HotEssay小编为大家整理一篇留学paper代写范文-Fuzzy language in international business communication,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了国际商务交际中的模糊语言。模糊语言是语言本身具有的特点之一,并广泛应用于人们的言语交际中。国际商务交际是一种特殊的言语交际,模糊语言也大量存在于其中,并且模糊语言在此具有独特的语用功能。
  In 1957,the famous English linguist Jones became aware of the ambiguous nature of language."The fact that we all use imprecise,vague,undefinable terms and principles in our speech and writing does not prevent us from using words that are very useful,"he said."people generally understand each other despite using imprecise expressions and undefinable terms."
  Business language is the application of human language in business,so it also has the characteristics of"fuzzy"and"precise".One of the important features of business English is accuracy,that is to ensure that in the writing of business letters and contracts,or business negotiations and other business communication process avoid using ambiguous or ambiguous language,so as not to cause inconvenience and misunderstanding in business activities.However,in practical business communication,there is ambiguity in business language.Business language is sometimes intentionally"vague"in order to achieve some pragmatic purposes,so as to promote the realization of business purposes and smooth business activities.
  The basic principles of traditional linguistics require clear and correct language expression.However,due to the unclear boundary of objective entity,people have different perspectives or lack of comprehensive understanding of things,which leads to the inconsistency of language use,thus making the vague language form an inevitable existence.Soviet linguist serba said:"in language,it is clear that only the extreme situation.The phenomenon of transition is in its origin,that is,the speaker's consciousness is originally drifting.It is these vague and vacillating phenomena that deserve more attention from linguists."Unfortunately,these ideas about linguistic ambiguity did not attract much attention at the time.For a long time,fuzzy language has not been given due attention.In 1965,Chad,an American cybernetics expert,put forward the famous fuzzy theory and created a new scientific thinking method,which aroused the general attention of the linguistic circle,and fuzzy linguistics came into being.The research of fuzzy language in China started in the late 1970s.The introduction of fuzzy language by professor wu tieping marks the birth of fuzzy linguistics in China.
  International business communication is a special kind of verbal communication,and fuzzy language also exists in it.And fuzzy language has its unique pragmatic function.In the following part,the pragmatic functions of fuzzy language are discussed by taking some common language in business communication as examples.
  American philosopher grice in 1967 in a series of lectures at Harvard University,points out that in the process of communication,in order to ensure the smooth progress of the session,speak both parties must abide by some basic principle,namely"cooperative principle",the implementation of the cooperative principle and put forward the judgment or the four principles,they are:quantity standards,quality standards,the principles and methods.Quality guidelines call for an effort to make the information provided authentic,not to say what is known to be false,and not to say what is lacking sufficient evidence.The use of fuzzy language in business English exactly follows this principle.Sometimes it is more accurate to use vague language in English.Such as:
  In general,our quotation is In compliance with the current market level
  Generally speaking,we would allow discount for large and regular orders.
  "In general"and"generally speaking"are two kinds of variable vague restrictive language,which imply the speaker's views.As for the situation,degree,scope and boundary that are consistent with"in general"or"generally speaking",they are both general and vague.But with these hedges,they become more precise,gentler,and therefore more acceptable and understandable.
  These leather products do not seem to be made of good quality.
  Seem,translated into Chinese,is a vague verb meaning to state a fact without being entirely sure of it.Using this kind of vague verb in international business English can make us have an objective and correct understanding of market conditions and product quality.
  In order to speak more euphemistic and polite,it is quite necessary to use the words with ambiguous meaning properly in verbal communication.
  For your information,we have received a crowd of inquiries from many other buyers in other districts and expect to close business at something near our level.
  This is a strategy where the seller politely refuses to bargain with the buyer.The seller does not want to say anything about the buyer's bargaining,nor does he defend his offer.It merely used phrases such as"many other buyers"and"at something near our level"to suggest that it was unwilling to bargain over the price.At the same time,some expressions in business English,such as"for your information","for your reference"and"information indicates that"also show strong ambiguity.Although they do not specify the exact source of the information,they communicate their meaning to each other very strategically,so as to achieve the purpose that they want to say but do not want to say.
  In a certain language environment,fuzzy language can enhance the appearance of business articles,commercial advertisements or business negotiations with the characteristics of image humor.
  "Ask for More"
  This is"More"brand cigarette advertising,the commercial advertising use"More"pun meaning,"More"and cigarette name"More"together,humorous humor,played a good promotional role.
  In daily communication,people often use vague language to communicate their communication intention,which is influenced by subjective factors such as topic and context.Such hedges increase the flexibility of communication.The flexibility of international business English can be enhanced by the use of fuzzy language for the benefit of business according to market changes.Such as:
  We shall do our best to make shipment as soon as possible.
  "Do our best,""do our best,""do our best,""do our best,""do our best,""do our best,""do our best,"and"do our best."The flexible use of vague words,such as undefiniteness and lack of time limit,makes them win the initiative in time.Meanwhile,the sincere tone makes the other side feel that they are willing to cooperate with each other and can accept it psychologically,thus enhancing the confidence of both the buyer and the seller in cooperation.
  To sum up,fuzzy language is widely used,which is a common and important phenomenon in language communication.Through the above analysis,it can be seen that fuzzy language has a unique pragmatic function in business English.Although fuzzy language is vague on the surface,it actually shows its accuracy,euphemism,vividness and flexibility.Therefore,we should pay attention to the use and research of fuzzy language in the future.


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